Temporary Support

Across all the verticals we operate in, we support our clients with temporary projects by selecting and placing independent professionals and interim managers to meet a wide range of business needs.

The temporary support model involves the interim placement of independent professionals with specific vertical and/or managerial skills to provide direct business support. This model is widely adopted in the Anglo-Saxon world and Central Europe and is ideally suited for project needs, periodic workload increases, or the temporary replacement of internal resources (e.g., maternity leave).

The Professionals

Our interim managers are independent professionals with pronounced skills in a specific area, gained through an independent career path, often preceded by experiences in consulting firms and corporate settings. Characterized by their specialized technical knowledge, they may have varying levels of seniority and managerial experiences.

TA Partners boasts a vast national and international network of freelancers, which is continually enriched with new candidates, sourced either through direct search or referrals from other professionals in the field.


Need more Information?

Write to us at temporary@tapartners.org to request a presentation.

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