Talent Pipelining

In areas that have talent shortage, where the strategic relevance of specific skillsets stands out, losing out on or not being able to hire a specific human resource in a key position can result in significant delays in project and task completions, impacting the entire organisation.

The need for a Pipeline

Additionally, the lack of a clear vision on the possible alternatives for successors in a specific role can sometimes limit the growth of highly skilled employees who are deserving of a promotion but cannot be given the same due to their indispensability owing to their high level of specialisation in the current position.
Sometimes, companies also need to add specialised resources in multiple locations, for example for creating entire divisions from scratch. These requirements are usually approached through internal advertising processes that do not guarantee the achievement of desired results.
Our Talent Pipelining services meet the need for collecting a portfolio of anticipated applications in preparation for opening one or more searches for specific key profiles. This approach gives candidates and clients the opportunity to know and evaluate each other in depth, without the urgency and the pressure arising from the client’s need to finalise the open search immediately.

How it works

One of our account managers meets the client in order to clarify the requirements and the reasons for the forecasted opening. He speaks with all the relevant stakeholders in order to identify every technical, managerial, and interpersonal skill required for the role. Once the information is collected, the account manager draws a personalised delivery plan for the search.
This is followed by exhaustive interviews of candidates chosen from within our extensive network of contacts. In this phase, we focus on collecting people of interest, amongst the candidates whose profiles match the future position in question, for applying once the hiring process is open effectively.
After the interview phase, we provide the client with a report containing a shortlist of each of the selected profiles in line with the future position. Through this way, the client has the opportunity to meet personally with the most relevant candidates and arrive upon an agreement together with the chosen candidate with the aim of proceeding with a specific offer once the hiring process is effectively taking place.
During the time between the candidates’ interviews and the green light for the hiring phase, our consultants will update each applicant periodically as well as the client about any changes in their respective intentions, expectations, and requirements. If for any reason, individual candidates lose their interest in the role, we proceed towards finding new matching profiles.
We also immediately inform each candidate with respect and professionalism if the client decides to not proceed further with their application and eventually wants to stay in touch for future opportunities, in order to not affect or preclude their choice towards other work options.

Examples of application

Benefits and objectives

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