Talent Mapping Services

The right blend of experience, leadership, managerial competence, and professional skills that differentiates top performers, when inducted in a company, brings forth escalating effects on the effectiveness of the entire structure. This blend is often rare, and due to strong competition in the labour marketplace, is becoming increasingly difficult to identify and attract.

How it works

Our Talent Mapping services allow clients to get a detailed picture of the different profiles of interest available in the market, with specific skill-sets and seniority in a defined regional, national, or international geography.
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The Mapping process

We deliver to the client a mapping report, indicating the names of potential candidates in the specified area of interest, the positions they hold, and the locations in which they are based.
We do not specifically contact these candidates on behalf of the client. The entire process is, therefore, conducted with the utmost discretion. In the occasion that the interested candidates give us the authorisation to share their contact details with potential target employers, such details are included in the mapping report.
The client has the opportunity acquire a synoptic overview of the distribution of the profiles of interest among competitors in the selected geography. He is then consequently able to capitalise this data for future decision-making pertaining to team growth or succession planning for strategic positions.

Some applications

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