TA partners offers a platform of services aimed at facilitating the management of the talent acquisition phases in the most varied concrete situations


The common factor among and key differentiator of all our services is the methodology we adopt.
It guarantees to clients the core benefit of a faster search process, resulting in a significant reduction of the time to hire ratios compared with other different approaches.
Our methodology originates from the combination of two elements: parallel mapping and direct approach.
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Parallel Mapping

The market mapping phase proceeds constantly in parallel to and independent of the active search processes.

Before entering into a vertical market and accepting specific assignments, we always map in depth the perimeter of the related industrial sector, getting to know candidates and gathering a comprehensive overview of the entire sector.

After this initial exploratory phase, our recruiters expand and update the mapping over time, contacting relevant candidates regularly and following the evolution of their career paths, professional objectives, and employment-related preferences.

The mapping activity proceeds in the background, constantly reaching new candidates without being limited by their visibility or proactivity levels in the market.

The parallel mapping approach revolutionises the modus operandi of traditional staffing agencies, which usually start the mapping process each time only after receiving a specific assignment, thus losing precious time instead of getting in touch with the most relevant candidates immediately.

Direct Approach

To cover our recruitment assignments, we build on the information collected during the mapping process and rely on two direct search functions that ensure full coverage of the market and the full inclusion of passive candidates in the final shortlists.

Both functions proceed in parallel with the mapping activities until the desired outcome is achieved. The first function consists of generating referrals.

After starting a search, our recruiters get in touch with key individuals in the related field confidentially, collecting referrals to identify the most solid profiles and top performers in the specific niche under investigation.

The collection of referrals is also functional to the parallel mapping phase, and can, therefore, constantly promote the expansion of the initial talent base for the search.

The second research function consists of targeted headhunting or directly approaching relevant profiles.

Our consultants contact the candidates who are in line with the search requirements and help them to assess whether the offered position is a suitable opportunity that they would like to explore further by meeting the client for a first interview.

Upon the completion of both the phases, we assess each application with a second-stage meeting and select the most suitable and motivated profiles so that the client can go ahead with the internal interview process for the open position.

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Benefits for Candidates

The choice to be represented by a recruiter when searching for new opportunities means investing in a relationship built trust that can add great value to one’s future career path.

It is, therefore, highly productive to focus on selecting carefully a reliable and efficient advisor, rather than leaving the choice to chance, because in the end, the person we choose will be our first point of contact with potential employers.

TA Partners places the high quality of the candidate experience in the recruitment processes above all other priorities and KPIs. In order to protect the best interest of our candidates, we examine and select each assignment on the basis of specific requirements, declining all job orders that fail to meet specific criteria.

After the successful placement, we keep in touch with each candidate, organising post-placement meetings aimed at ensuring a smooth transition into the new role, the achievement of a solid balance between professional productivity and personal satisfaction, and a solid foundation for further career growth and development in the new business environment.

This means that our candidates can rely on us as their closest ally for reaching new heights in their career.

Benefits for Clients

In a recruitment scenario characterised by the growing presence of social media and online advertising channels, the added value for a recruiter lies primarily in ensuring access to sourcing channels that reach the less visible and accessible talent pool.

Hence, when outsourcing a search process, it is essential to identify a partner who specialises in directly approaching this pool of less-visible talent and provide with an adequate network of existing contacts for generating referrals.

TA Partners is a leader in the effective and targeted implementation of the direct candidate approach.

Our service portfolio offers the following benefits to clients.

This means that our clients can rely on us to effectively complete their recruitment capabilities while maintaining excellent employer branding standards.

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