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At Talent Acquisition Partners, we comprehensively address the recruitment needs of leading law firms and corporate entities, across Europe, US and Asia.

We've fostered exclusive collaborations with the most prominent players across various sectors, encompassing all practices within the Legal and Tax world, positioning us as one of the primary providers of such services.

Thanks to our dedicated teams and specialized resources, we can offer support across all required seniority levels: from onboarding new Trainees to selecting experienced, autonomous profiles, up to top-tier roles like Counsel and Partner. We've managed the Lateral Hire process for these roles at every step.

For firms looking to structure and enhance their legal teams, we offer our comprehensive market knowledge and a deep understanding of genuine corporate needs, often for tailor-made roles.

Our ability to tailor our approach to the specific needs of each law firm and company has enabled us to prioritize quality, timing, and information alignment, optimizing the process to find the most suitable resource and ensuring satisfaction for both parties. Today, we can provide consultancy on the main trends of each specific sector, on salary trends, and on the desires expressed by both new and existing potential candidates. We leverage this pool of data to meet requests and fulfill them efficiently.

Our international operations span the entire EU, UK, US and Asia allowing us to relocate resources from English-speaking and neighboring countries to hubs like Milan, Rome, or a specific corporate headquarters, precisely calibrated and aligned with needs.

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