Healthcare & Life Science

As specialized vertical sector headhunters, we collaborate with leading groups in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biomedical industries, acting as an external extension and support for talent scouting processes.

In the healthcare realm, we have a dedicated team exclusively handling selections for medical, nursing, and managerial/administrative profiles. We work alongside the most prestigious private healthcare groups and boutique clinics, facilitating the international mobility of medical and nursing profiles to meet the growing demand for specialized professionals.

We have a strong foothold in commercial roles, operating cross-functionally between pharma and biomedical profiles (marketing, medical representatives, MSLs, market access) and the healthcare facilities world (insurance agreements, networks of clinical and diagnostic structures, strategic marketing). This often allows senior figures with established relationship networks to add value to our partner clients' market growth projects.

In the life science and biomedical sectors, we operate with a pure headhunting approach, dedicated to maintaining a network of relationships with candidates in key areas like market access or research and development. We can rely on cross-sectoral know-how on process industry engineering profiles (e.g., quality, reliability) and have extensive experience in selecting professionals committed to innovating manufacturing processes (e.g., lean manufacturing), logistics, and after-sales.

We act as strategic partners for multinational pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, even for staff and corporate positions. We oversee areas like Finance, HR, Operations, Supply Chain, IT, and Marketing, leveraging our established presence in other sectors that can open up opportunities for cross-sectoral talent transfers.

Vertical Expertise

Life Science


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Other Projects

Selection of management roles for a startup in the telemedicine and connected health sector, within the context of a leading European insurance group.

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