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Leveraging cross-sectoral expertise, we assist multinationals and consulting firms across the full spectrum of technology-related activities, often building innovative teams and areas from the ground up.

Thanks to our leadership position and strong partnerships with major industry leaders, we've gathered extensive experience in integrating processes between business and IT. We cater to both functional roles and business partnership positions as well as technical roles in the tech world.

For senior management profiles, backed by an international network of business leaders, we've honed our skills in selecting roles such as CTO, CIO, CISO, CDO, and their corresponding middle management positions.

We've closely monitored and supported the growing presence of big data and artificial intelligence technologies in our core sectors from their inception. This has allowed us to guide our clients through dozens of selections related to the data & cloud world.

On a daily basis, we handle multiple selections in the software development and agile methodologies realm. We frequently manage large-scale projects that require recruitment across multiple locations and complementary technologies.

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Vertical Expertise

Cyber Security (red, blue, purple)
Data Science

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