Advanced & Process Engineering

Operating at a European level, we stand alongside major manufacturing industry groups as strategic partners for talent acquisition. Our reach spans sectors such as automotive, aerospace, precision mechanics, process industry, energy, telecommunications, and the luxury production area.

We've consolidated significant experience in building from scratch teams focused on digital innovation. We collaborate with leading industrial groups committed to process innovation in the context of Industry 4.0, with a strong emphasis on telematics, including SCADA environments, and leveraging data for reliability and predictive maintenance.
We facilitate the international mobility of talents in the engineering world, assisting candidates interested in overseas opportunities as well as those wishing to return to their home country. This allows our partner clients to tap into broader expertise pools and import know-how from international competitors.
Simultaneously, we pay close attention to the cultural nuances of the companies we work with. Recognizing the importance of a value and mindset match between job demand and supply, we strive to convey to candidates the most significant elements of our clients' corporate culture. We select those candidates who best fit the environment and communication dynamics of our partner companies.
In a rapidly changing work world, we value flexibility aspects for candidates (smart working, remote working) and flexible work modes, including freelance opportunities and temporary management. We often find ourselves supporting projects with predefined timelines using change management and process innovation professionals.
Acting as a strategic partner across all areas of advanced engineering, we've developed a multifaceted view of the job market. We can connect demand and supply by also drawing from parallel market sectors, often allowing candidates to evaluate opportunities to transition from one industry to another.

Vertical Expertise

Rinnovabili, industria di processo e power generation
Food & Beverage
IOT & Automation
Automotive & E-Mobility

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